18 Years of Thrill, Adventures and Shouting Moms

Opinion / Monday, January 13th, 2020

Bajaj Pulsar turned 18 this year, and released a new high energy ad campaign designed by Ogilvy, on this occasion to celebrate 18 years of Bajaj Pulsar’s launch. What I particularly liked about the campaign is that they didn’t let the Pulsar age, and still are able to communicate the energy to teens dreaming to own a bike.

Interestingly, the campaign, despite being from a sport bike category, wasn’t talking to sporty riders but the teenagers, and the objective probably is to keep it young, always.

Though the campaign title “Definitely male” was more relevant, objective fulfilling & integral part of the plot for their very first campaign which you can see below, I see the point they are making with relaunching “Definitely male” to sound synonymous of  entering adulthood.


My best part of the ad is that they are able to not let it be another pulsar ad, and actually made it kinda reborn, and the entire credit goes to the creative team behind the campaign. What do you think?


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