Phygital Consulting

Personal branding & thought leadership advisory.

New product-market fit, growth hacking design.

Product positioning, brand design, and advisory.

Phygital marketing communication planning & management.

Digital properties (website, mobile apps, ux design).

Experiential campaign (ar/vr technologies).

Digital PR & brand reputation.


Advertising & Design

Advertising & videos production (youtube, social media, tv)

Product placements in web series, movies, and tv shows.

Print ads design & media buying

Newspaper ads & media buying

Product packaging design

Brand identity, logo.

Retail outlet/store/display designs.


Social Media & Digital

Social media, creative content.

Advertising campaigns.

Influencer campaigns.

Search marketing (paid, seo).

Content marketing (white papers, surveys, researches, blogging, email campaigns & more).

Native advertising.

Mobile app ads.

Web analytics


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