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Open advice page for everyone and anyone. #AskPandeyG any doubt about your digital marketing or startup query in the comment box below, and leave your email id so that you can receive the response back.

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  1. hello, is it a good strategy to invest into social media postings for a mobile accessories business. my budget is 10000-12000. please give proper advice. – AJ

  2. hello mr. gaurav,
    can you advice me on what is the best digital marketing technique to start with? I am a poly bag producer and exporter.

  3. Hi Gaurav,
    i have a small e-commerce shop for sarees & salwar suits, that i just created. which online marketing technique is more beneficial for a startup like me? social media or seo?
    i have budget of 25000-30000 for marketing.

  4. Hi Gaurav sir, what are the steps to start an e-commerce site like Flipkart? should i register PVT LTD firm or One Person PVT LTD.? can you reply please? urgent.

    1. 1. Get domain + hosting
      2. Ask someone to design your ecommerce site using wix or shopify etc. or do it yourself.
      3. start promoting on social media, google ads, facebook ads, setup a mailing lists @ mailchimp, spread the words as much as possible.
      4. When you need serious upliftment in marketing, come to us, we’ll undertake your marketing. Or hire any digital agency worth hiring.

      lastly, about company registration, if you are a garage startup, go with OPPL. Else, go with PL. Going PVt Ltd. will grow your annual legal expenses and work. expect to throw at least 20-30k in legal expenses. Still you should check with your CA.

      One more reason why you may want to go with Pvt Ltd. is if you want to raise funding in near future (in less than 1 yr).


    1. Hi Amit, unfortunately that’s out of my range as of now. however you may want to check online courses offered by udemy, coursera, simplilearn etc. they are doing a wonderful job in helping people acquire new skills online, on their own pace.

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