5 Absolutely FREE Ways To Market Your App.

Blog, Digital Marketing / Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

The biggest problem of App developers these days isn’t getting app installs, but retaining the app installs, since the app uninstall rate is touching ever high. But this blog below discusses few of the critical and absolutely FREE ways to digital marketing your app.


1. Virility Factor (inbuilt virility, viral campaigning)

In plain words virility means when people come to know about your app through other people, and when it happens at a very rapid rate like 1 million downloads in 1 week, for example.

It is very well known but mostly overlooked method to promote apps. You could plan virility of your apps in 2 ways ie. 1) As an Inbuilt Factor and, 2) A well planned Viral Campaigns way.

Injecting virility factor in your app means designing features that make it irresistible for people to share it further, like what WhatsApp was. People needed other people to come on WhatsApp to be able to use WhatsApp, resulting in billions of download.

On the other hand, you can also design low cost (if no cost) viral campaigns by being creative.

Check this useful blog post for help on designing a viral strategy.

2. Hashtag Hijacking

Hashtag Hijacking isn’t actually one of best practices, but it seduces all social media marketers, and almost every other social media marketer might have done it.

Hashtag Hijacking is precisely when you use a very popular & trending hash tag in one of your promotion post. Ideally you should do it in a way so that the topic of the hashtag gets blend very well with your product.

Like the Orio’s Case.

But sometime it could backfire badly if you aren’t careful, like the case of DiGiorno Pizza. They hijacked a hashtag #WhyIStayed which was being used to discuss a very serious topic of domestic violence by women. And it backfired very badly for the brand.

Finally, the social media team of DiGiorno had to write several apology tweets publically, after huge criticism.

[Also read: A story of hashtag hijacking blunder, and what you can do to avoid the shame.]

3. ASO (App Store Optimization), And, Reward for Review

App Store Optimization is somewhat similar to what we do in Search Engine Optimization. Since people use internal search feature of App stores, Android & Apple both, so it makes perfect sense to invest decent amount of time researching & preparing for right strategies & techniques for internal search optimization.

Do a firsthand research by searching your own type of apps first, and ask some of your friends to do so as well, and then map the behavior with keywords & selection criteria everyone used to reach an app, and then use your findings to optimization your App’s title, App description sections.

Beside basic optimization, its also crucial to use easiest to use sale lingo to describe the purpose of your app, and how it benefits the target audience. Your clarity of explanation can make all the difference.

Another way you can boost your app store search ranking is via attracting more & more user reviews. And mini rewards are best way to attract user reviews. Give your users some freebies, some paid benefits, or some add-on benefits if they give your app a review over app store.

4. Setup Microsite, and SEO

Why, in all this race of mobile app promotion do we forget traditional Search Engine Optimization? SEO alone could bring you good amount of App Installs, as well as Install Retains, that you can’t think of ignoring it.

So setup a Microsite, needless to say it should be mobile specific, with a well designed landing page to convince targeted visitors to download, and a download app link.

Your times invested into SEO research is the only investment you need  to get results, and it is time well spent. Studies shows that people trust those app more which have a dedicated website attached to it, as it indicates the serious business.

5. Use Free Tappax Network

I have not tested Tappax myself, but I have came to know about this very recently, and it looks like a very good & FREE way to get few of your initial 100’, and even 1000’s app installations.

Tappax.com is actually a network of app developers that agrees to showcase ads of each other’s app within their own app, thus it’s like bartering agreement, which is a quite a good option for someone on no marketing budget to promote app.


If in case you feel you need any hand holding with digital marketing for App, connect with us via contact page, and let’s discuss what should be done to achieve your objective.

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