Do You Believe a Customer is GOD? You’re Dead Wrong!

Blog, Startups / Monday, October 16th, 2017

HE don’t feel pain. HE forget & forgive easily. HE is GOD!

If customers might be GOD, they won’t be buying out of a Leisure, Desire or Fear ie. the 3 factors why someone buy something. They are just common people, like you and me.

In this world everyone is either buying or selling (like right now I am selling my thoughts and you are buying reading me). Those who are selling at a particular time, are called seller and those buying, called customers.

Every customer is a seller somewhere at a different trade and every seller is a customer at a different trade. So its a chain. its a loop, if I will honestly try to take care of pain (problem) of a human being (customer), somehow someday the goodness will revert back to me.

They say if you spread good, good will revert and if you spread evil, evil will revert. And probably this is the only reason why good customer service is taught. To make this world a better place to live, for everyone.

So now you have the secret that everyone can change this world, collectively just by selling well 🙂

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