The Biggest List of Digital Marketing Doubts & Answers, For SMEs & Small Businesses. – Part 2

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Continued from Part 1

How to get Facebook Likes on my page?

You can ask your friends & family to spread message about your page. You can share your page url by all the traditional ways of spreading news about it like print it on your business card, on your brochure, in your email signature etc. You can also run a full-fledged ad campaigns on Facebook itself to generate Likes for your page by targeted audience.

But should you really bother about getting Likes on your page? To an extent, Yes. This is an imperfect world we live in, and the number of page Likes is a first impression of social acceptability to your potential consumers ie. “If lot of people Likes you page, looks like I am not the first one to test your products or service”.

So the number of page Likes, actually helps you get rid of the first hesitation of your potential consumers. It’s part of perspective building.

What to do once I setup my Facebook page?

Setting up Facebook page is like setting up a shop. Now you should plan to start communicating with your target audience, and promoting your products to them as well via several ways, like posting content, news and articles that may help your customers with your type of products & services.
Sharing your own latest offers & promotions, How-to-use-your-product videos, Simple hacks to use your products effectively.

Will I get customers from Facebook page marketing?

If you are in hurry, or looking for a life saver Facebook marketing or any other social media platform marketing won’t work for you. Not because it won’t work, but because your expectations of getting sales are dramatically & disproportionately high that even if your Facebook marketing start working slowly, you won’t feel it.

Facebook marketing (or social media marketing) should be started proactively, and way before you would want it to start giving you massive sales. It is basics of digital marketing, but we often overlook this simple fact.

Facebook marketing will pay you several ways like by spreading word of mouth for your business, selling & repeating selling to your current customers at zero new cost, indirectly benefiting your search engine ranking, and building social referral links for your website that will keep sending you qualified visitors traffic for very long time in future, and for free.

How to do twitter marketing?

Twitter marketing is similar to what I explained above for Facebook marketing. The difference is of audience profile, and if it suits your business or not. Twitter in India is primarily being used by politicians, social activists, technology businesses, consumer brands that need to run ATL activities (above the line activities is a marketing term used to refer to marketing activities like bill boards, TV advertising and newspaper advertising.)

So the content designing strategy will differ from what you may want to do for Facebook, but rule of thumbs remain same.

How to do LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn is social media network for professionals, businesses, investors and vendors. Basically it is a platform where you can reach out to top-to-bottom officials of any business. So the marketing strategy for LinkedIn will be totally different from any other social media network, but in nutshell it is for B2B Online marketing agencies & marketers.

If you are looking for discreetly LinkedIn focused strategy, please give us a call. It is too complex to discuss on this page.

How to do Instagram marketing?

Instagram is young, and so the audience on this platform as well. Majority of the audience on Instagram is youngsters thus the consumer brands which are mainly focused on selling to teenagers, and young adults, focus on Instagram marketing.

Businesses like Restaurents, Mobile service providers, TV Shows, Movies & entertainment, Musicians, Travel businesses are some of the most successful business categories that Instagram favors best.

How to do Pinterst marketing?

From distance Pinterest marketing strategy may look similar to Instagram marketing strategy but Pinterest has earned a reputation somewhat among food bloggers, fashion bloggers, and photographers. Precisely those who can sell a picture, or a product by a picture.

Pinterest ad strategy need very carefully planning because they may cost in multiples of what Instagram or Facebook ads will cost you. However organic Pinterest marketing is obviously always FREE.

How to do Snapchat marketing?

Now Snapchat is a wonderful entry to this social media marketing world, and it is growing fast among marketers. But for some reason it is yet to touch the level of Instagram advertising or Facebook advertising.

Snapchat can be primarily used as a communication or flash sale, flash offer based promotions to close impulsive buyers of your products.

What is blog? Is it important?

What you reading right now is called a Blog. Blog means a specific area of your website that acts as repository of articles about your business, industry that you publish on it. Similarly ‘Blogging’ stands for writing articles on your blog.

Blogging consistently means writing & publishing articles regularly on your chosen topic or industry subject. And it helps you dramatically in several ways directly or indirectly. Blogging is a great way to gain maximum free website visitors from Search engines like Google. Blogging builds your reputation in your industry as a subject matter expert. Blogging refines your thought process on your own industry, and help you anticipate future. Blogging is also wonderfully  useful for social media marketing success of your business.

These days blogging is almost on the center stage of all your digital marketing activities.

How to setup my blog?

There are many blog service providers like WordPress, Blogger etc. And you can install blog on your existing website as well. Just ask your digital marketing agency or, your in house team member to install it for you. Check

How to get ideas to write blog articles daily?

Now this is a question that need its own length to be answered. You need to look around in your industry, your products, services, competitors, consumers, vendors and make a list of problem areas, issues and trends that everyone is facing. And then write a blog on one topic at a time, with such a detailed solution so that someone reading it from your target audience list, find it helpful to get their daily work done. Be a help to you reader. You’ve to go creative finding new and interesting ideas to cover in your blog, that can help your target readers.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization ie. Making your website technically, and contentwise compatible to search engine program so that the search engine can easily find your website and show it to the people, who are looking for your website, your products, and your blogs.

For detailed study check this

What do you mean by Keywords? How to do keyword research?

The literal meaning of ‘Keywords’ is Key Words ie. The most relevant words that people usually type to search for you over internet. So if you are a pizza restaurant in Mumbai, people might be typing Pizza in Mulund, Mumbai. So ‘Pizza’, ‘Mulund’, and ‘Mumbai’ becomes your most important words for SEO. Also jointly ‘Pizza in Mulund Mumbai’ will be called a key phrase for your SEO Marketing.

Check this for detailed study

If SEO marketing is really free, what’s the catch?

Search Engine Optimization marketing is usually be called a FREE or Oganic marketing channel because Google or other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc. don’t charge you any money to show your website to customers, organically.

But in reality, SEO is not free at all. If you hire a SEO agency in India, you’ll be paying a fixed monthly fee to them for their service. Beside this, social media marketing agency’s work ; and your content marketing agency’s work will also be contributing towards your SEO success, so for optimum results in SEO you’ll be needing to run SEO, Social Media and Content Development effort simultaneously, and every agency will charge you for their particular work. So the notion that SEO is free is absolutely false.

Why SEO guys tell me it’ll take me 6-9 months to get good results?

This is a classic response by SEO agencies since it is really uncertain when Google or any other search engine will start showing your page in their search results (AKA indexing). Also millions of websites on each & every topics are trying to achieve top ranking spot on Google & other search engines. So chances are that there are thousands of competitors trying to get the similar rank on Google search as you are. So it will take you a good amount of time to beat the work done by your competitors. So in nutshell, it is not absolute that you can’t get a good ranking before 6-9 months, but most probably you will.

How much does SEO marketing cost in India?

SEO (search engine optimization) services in India, and even globally varies lot in prices. The more legitimate work your agency is doing the higher the cost will be, and the longer your result benefits will last.

There are good techniques to do SEO which is called White Hat SEO, and there are bad techniques to do SEO which is called Black Hat SEO. Good techniques longer time to produce results but gives you long term benefits for many years in future. Bad techniques are designed around fooling the search engines to get good rankings, so absolutely bad techniques are proven to waste time & money. Yet there are agencies that do black hat techniques to foot their clients as well, and to support their false claims that they can get your good results overnight. So stay away from such agencies or freelancers.

How to make sure they are doing right things for me in SEO?

Well it is a topic of deep discussion and understanding but on a shallow level what you can do is, decide a couple of KPI’s (key performance indicators) like Growth in organic traffic, Growth in Branded Queries V/s Growth in Non-branded queries, Organic traffic bounce rate etc. (message me for  more details on this), and keep measuring them on weekly basis, to find out if you are going up or down.

Any sudden increase or decrease is a warning that something isn’t correct, and you should raise questions to your agency. The steady and gradual growth is the first sign of good work is being executed.

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay per click is a payment model that advertising platform use to charge us against letting us show our advertisements on their platform. So for eg. If you are running Facebook ads, and you want to pay Facebook on PPC basis, then Facebook will charge you for every time someone clicks your advertisement to visit your website.

The term PPC is also used casually these days to refer paid advertising campaigns, even if you aren’t paying for per click. Eg. – pay per view, pay per thousand impressions etc.

Facebook ads v/s Google ads, which PPC is best?

Whichever one of them solves your purpose, and brings you customers is good for you, specifically. Why I said so is because you should always choose the advertising channel which suits your business, where your customers most probably are, and which suits your purpose as well.

For example Facebook shows ads people on the basis of topics of interest they have mentioned in their profile, so they will see ads on those topics even if they aren’t looking to buy.

On the other hand, Google search shows ads to those who are searching for something to buy. However Google display ads (Google banner ads) also shows people ads on the basis of their interest and the content they love. It is somewhat similar to what I told you above, about Facebook ads, but it is not exactly the same.

So there is nothing like ‘Best’.

How much does PPC cost monthly?

You can control how much you want to spend monthly or weekly on your advertisements. What you cannot control or partially control is how much you will pay for each individual click on your advertisement. So a lot of experimenting will be required to understand what kind of CPC (ie. Cost per click) your ads are getting. And then accordingly you can set a maximum spent limit. So you can begin with any amount you want to spend like 10K, 20K, 50K, 100K, 500k (K = 1000).

Will PPC surely bring me customers?

Most probably it will, considering that all the technical and conversion funnel setup is done correctly by your marketing team or digital marketing agency. But remember PPC will considerably cost you more money in short time period than other marketing channels like SEO, Social Media etc.

What is email marketing?

Marketing via email is called Email marketing. So your current marketing team or agency might be collecting email addresses of your website visitors & your current customers. What you can do is you can send regular promotions & supportive content to these people via email in form of a newsletter, to convert them into paying customers. This is called email marketing.

You can run email marketing campaigns for several different purposes like surveying your customers, sending new promotions & offers, and remind people about new products on store. But if you current marketing team isn’t building your email list, you are in trouble.

Check this for in-depth understanding

How to build my mailing list for email marketing? Which software is best?

Collecting and saving email addresses of your current and potential customers is called Building your mailing list. There are several online tools and services available that help you do this easily over your website, for a small fee or free. Check tools like MailChimp, ConstantContact etc.

MailChimp looks somewhat easy to use to first timers, but every tool has its own good’s and bad’s. so explore them.

How & Who will design my emails/newsletters for my email marketing?

Your marketing team guys, or your digital marketing agency guys will do this for you. Even if you don’t have any signup a free account with MailChimp, and it provides you several free template designs. Just choose the design you love, and add your own text content. You can do it yourself as well.

What is Google analytics?

Imagine you are running several marketing activities simultaneously, and spending a lot of money on various activities. How will you come to know what is your ROI on your advertising & marketing cost? Google analytics help us measure this. You’ll need a technical person to setup Google analytics for your website, blog, youtube channel or social media platforms, but you can measure all the activities and their ROI.


Shopify v/s WordPress, which one is better?

WordPress is free, but you will need technical help to setup your wordpress, as well as also spedn on add-on services like buying website hosting service, website domain name, SSL security certificates etc.

Shopify costs you less money than all these expenditures above but will charge you a monthly fee for having and running your website.

WordPress is a good starting point for blogs, and simple profile website. While shopify is a good starting point for first timer ecommerce business.

Shopify Ecommerce v/s WooCommerce, which one is better?

For ecommerce first timers, I would advise to go with Shopify. It has all the functionalities that you new ecommerce store may require, it is easy to setup, and you can go live a couple of days only.

While on other hand, WooCommerce is a feature (technically a plugin) of WordPress, which turns your simple wordpress blog into a fully fledged ecommerce store. So if you have technical people in your team who can setup and design the entire woocommerce store, enjoy the fully free ecommerce store.

Shopify v/s Magento, which one is better?

Shopify, I have explained above in details, as well as about Magento; so until you have highly experienced ecommerce development team in house or as an agency, I won’t advise Magento. it is too complex for a first timer, but a wonderful platform as you scale up your business.

It looks like a lot of work. Can you help me start?

Absolutely. Click here to contact us and let’s help you.

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