Why Digital Marketing Disappoints a Lot of Small Businesses?

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When a small business tries replicating strategy of a giant business without appropriate budget & other resources, it fails. Small businesses should try things that work for small businesses. Small business’s marketing strategy should be a progressive one. Read how. (Originally Guest Authored for Entrepreneur.com by Gaurav Pandey)   It’s not uncommon to see Small Businesses & […]

June 10, 2019

Behavior is Branding

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How staying closer to your inner self can actually help you build a more significant and powerful personal brand. In the year 2010, I was running an e-commerce business from India, and we were selling Indian ethnic fashion to Indians living abroad. We were naïve to e-commerce and were learning & growing at the same […]

November 22, 2018

BRANDERS Magazine Covered Gaurav Pandey, The Only Indian Digital Marketing Experts On List.

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“Behaviour is branding.” – Says our chief Gaurav Pandey, who was covered in International branding magazine called Branders Magazine, published from Oklahoma, USA. Gaurav was featured with other well known marketing personalities like SEO Guru Neil Patel, Marcelo Guio of OXB Branding, Branding Journalist Vanessa Dalclos, and Sue Kirchner of Brand Strong Marketing. The online […]

November 15, 2018