Should Founder Have A Separate Social Media Strategy Than The One For Startup?

Blog, Digital Marketing, Startups / Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

None of us consider a separate social media strategy for founder, important. While the truth is, individuals run this world. Personal branding is the reason behind each of our buying decision. And, you’re already late on that.

When you’ll jump into fund raising activities for your startup, the first question you’ll probably encounter will be something like “tell me something about you?”


Why do they want to learn more about you even before they haven’t understood your out of the world business idea that is going to put a dent in universe. Because, surely a hammer (your business idea) can put a dent into the universe, but it takes you, your mind, your vision, and your desperate will, to do that.

That’s why they say that the founding team or the core team is the most important factor investors of all sizes look before they consider your idea further. They bet on you, and not on the idea.

Ideas are worthless, if the human behind them doesn’t pose the characteristics to turn that idea into a reality. Hence I believe, the world is being driven by only personal brands.

Take an example of LUX bath soap. You may ask that none of the HUL founding members are the reason behind Lux’s sales, but look closely; Deepika Padukon, and Katerina Kaif are the personal brands that are influencing you to buy it.

The influencing person could be as big as Deepika Padukon, or as small as your familiar aunty who first introduced you to Himalaya’s face wash, and you thought “Oh! if she uses it, it must be good. Let me try it as well.”

Guess why Indians are buying Patanjali products?

So the power of personal brand is far ahead of your & my imaginations. And entrepreneurs think that investing in personal branding does mean that you desire to sound like an industry expert, want to be invited to deliver keynote speeches, or desire to gain some media appearances. They just don’t know what personal branding can do for them.

In fact you are already carrying a personal brand, that you aren’t aware of ie. – Your personality, your behavior, what you think, how you see things, your vision, your beliefs, your desires, your acts.

So as an entrepreneur, I would strongly recommend you to invest into building your personal brand, besides building your startup’s identity to showcase what you are capable of; and you can achieve that with as little as 20 min a day.

0. Read

You cannot produce a decent output without a sensible input. So reading give you chances to explore the other’s opinion without a need to respond.

Reading is a wonderful way to gain a lot of insights without wasting your time on trials & error. Reading set your mood in a student mode, where you want to learn before teaching.

One important advice here is to read multi-dimensionally. I mean to say don’t just read what you need to learn about immediately, set time aside to read on other subjects as well that may not be directly related to your work. Read political journals, spiritual content, self help, fiction, mentalism, and biographies etc.

A wider approach to reading gives your mind various different kinds of input to process in long term. You never know what kind of new combination your brain throws back to you to apply in your life.

Reading is just wonderful. Can’t emphasize enough.

1. Thought sharing

I purposefully didn’t use the term “thought leadership” because it makes you hesitate. The word leadership holds you back from expressing your opinion on public forums.

What I mean here is to share your perspective on any current or futuristic happenings that you are excited about, that you have an opinion about, that you can explain people better about, that you want to learn better about.

Expressing relaxes your mind muscles & provoke further learning. The more you learn, the wiser you go, and the better you establish yourself a thought leader.

Thought leadership is most effective when done sub-cautiously. Those who plan thought leadership, looks stupid.

2. Answers someone on Quora

Teaching is learning.

And, in fact I believe Quora is not totally about teaching. It’s more about advising. And when you advice someone on something you know, your sub-cautious recalls best of your understanding on that subject, until otherwise you are pretending being an expert.

Helping someone also releases lot of dopamine (the feel good chemical in your brain) that makes you feel good, and builds your self confidence.

3. Join a conversation on LinkedIn

I always noticed that best of my ideas come from discussions with friends or families or colleagues, when I am relaxed. Discussions makes you feel simplified, makes you feel heard, and gives you new perspectives to an existing problem.

And LinkedIn is a wonderful community to discuss with better brains than yours, and uplift your thought process.

4. Choose the words carefully. Everything counts.

With social media, everyone has a public life. And whatever you say publicly doesn’t disappear easily here. So choose your words very carefully, because everything counts.

Though I mostly recommend to just being yourself while blogging or socializing, but still you see, there is a thin line between rights & wrongs, that can build or destroy your image. And you may want be selective with what you say for your long term success.

A rule of thumb is being you, but without being a negative energy.


TATA, Aditya Birla, Bajaj, P&G, O’gilvy & Mather, Colgate, Apple, Patanjali, or Huffington Post; you take any brand, it was the power of personal brands that built those giants. A small start in right direction, can take you places. You just need to believe in your abilities, your capabilities, and show them as well.

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