4 Things Indian Nonprofits Cannot Ignore in Digital Marketing Age.

Blog, Digital Marketing / Thursday, August 16th, 2018

Non-profits work around a core belief system, which makes their primary brand story. So the digital marketing strategy for non-profits should be around an emotional story to connect with the target audience group, and to influence the desired action. Read further to learn how.

Running a nonprofit or charity organization in India is very different from West, primarily because of lower inclination towards CSR programs (ie. Corporate social responsibility program).

Non profits in India are almost get classifieds as beggar organizations, if that doesn’t hurt your ego too much, and usually end up operating their far below their capabilities.

Giving back to the society is more morally accepted in Western business class than Indians where we have corporate like Ambani’s, building 12,000 Cr. worth of home for themselves.

Yes they started Reliance Foundation (a charity arm) as well, I know, but after getting widely criticized for wasting billions of dollars building a home, which became the great symbol of economic disparity in India. It is the most expensive home ever built by any person in world.

On the other hand in West we see people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg kind of people who donate billions of dollars to improve the lives of less privileged ones.

The brutal truth is that Indians are still chasing money, and not the quality of life, and this perspective change may take decades. And until then Nonprofits need to change strategic game plan to survive.

Sot he first and best of all advice’s is,

0. Don’t beg

With all the due respect to your esteem nonprofit, my purpose behind saying “don’t beg” is to find out how can you attract people donations, instead of asking for it.


The answer you are looking for is an emotional story. It could be a sentimental one, survival threatening, devastating, humorous or, personally situated one, but you should have a core brand story that move people. They shake the status quo. That makes them want to be involved. Want to be part of your initiative.

If you problem is only yours, it is only your problem.  Make it everyone’s problem. Make it everyone’s cause.

A good story is your story, and may influence people to donate, but a great story is their story too, and will make people restless, will make them want to do something about it.

One of the best example of our times is the hashtag campaign #MeToo, which made every sexually abused women feel like their own story, and made them get involved, made them speak, made them tweet.

If this hashtag campaign might have been started by an NGO or Nonprofit working for women & child abuse protection, it could have attracted massive attention to the organization, and fund flow.

So you just can’t go careless about having a strong brand story in place.

Change your saying.

1. Use Videos

Visual memories are strongest memories. They leave lasting impression on the mind of a viewer, and especially videos based story telling is a great way to express the emotions.

Text cannot channelize the emotion, graphics & images can, but to certain extend. However videos are the best way to influence the feeling. And how we feel about something decide, what we do about it.

Humans are made of emotions, and videos based campaigning can actually multiply your end results.

2. Advertise with Google Grants

Low marketing budget is common problem at any nonprofit, and Google Grant is like a boon for digital marketing of charities & nonprofits. It is something you can’t even imagine of not trying.

Imagine being able to advertise on Google Search for $10,000 worth of ad spent, is one the best contribution by Google to nonprofits.

Yes there are certain limitations but those goes meaningless against the possibilities with Google Grant.

Check more about Google Grant.

3. Social media Video Story Ads

Advertising with social media platforms like Facebook Ads is also a great option if you can spare some advertising budget to this channel.

Why because social media advertising bring best of both worlds ie. The quick reach of paid ad campaigns, as well as the virility impact that gives you additional views & coverage without additional cost.

More importantly, people access Facebook in their personal & leisure time, and there are great chances of catching them in a relaxed mental state beyond their self-centeredness, and your story may be received with warm heart.

If your story is compelling is enough, to touch sentiments of people, it won’t take time to go viral. The word of mouth is a wonderful way to reach mass audience for free.


Conclusively whether you are planning for social media marketing for nonprofits or other form of digital marketing for charity, your show must go on 24×7. You can’t go need based. You need to constantly be in front of your audience, and constantly work around different kind of organic & paid campaigns.

Remember the hashtag campaign #MeToo that I mentioned at the beginning of this blog? That is the kind of story you should aim for. One solid story in place will make your communication well accepted, and donations will come in chasing you, instead of you seeking them.

You can connect with me for any FREE Advice on Digital Marketing for Charity & Nonprofits Organization. Would love to help.

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