GPC Digital Growth Solutions For SME’s & B2B

GPC / Monday, January 1st, 2018

51 Million Indian SME’s adds 45% in Indian GDP ie. 3x of Corporate sector contribution. Having employed almost 46 Crore Indians, SME’s are the backbone of Indian Economy, and will become a USD $25 Billion market by 2020.

SME’s that are using power of Internet see up to 45% higher revenue and 47% higher profit margins than those who have no plans to go digital.

Entrepreneurs with eyes on global expansion are adopting digital medium to grow their brand reach, find new customers, promote services & products using internet, research about new mechanical technologies, find talent, and reach new suppliers, are leading the change within SME & B2B sector, and will surely enjoy digital edge against competitors.

GPC is dedicatedly working to make digital marketing adoption easy for Indian SME’s & B2B by offering industry specific & objective specific customized solutions. We not only help you scale digitally, but even help you understand digital, it’s dimensions, and how can we together identify the trends to your business.

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