4 Ways Fashion Designers Can Become Social Media Celebrities.

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Even if you feel you have well established your distribution chain and need not to invest into digital marketing to grow your sales, fashion designers should invest their time & energy into establishing  a digital communication, and building a personal brand online.

Fashion designers are like celebrities, or at least they should act like celebrities with a personal philosophy that distinguish them from others. Their personal philosophy with their own set of rules to live a life creates a followership.

People who believe in what you believe into, will follow you for inspiration or for sense of belonging to the fraternity.

This entire practice will design your marketing story to establish your personal brand.

Being in fashion industry your personal branding has to talk about the fashion you eat, breath and live. People want to see you living your own brand image, so you cannot fake it. You need to be authentic.

More over your personal branding is not only about you, but following you for your personal brand image is a medium of expression for all of your followers as well.

Nike’s brand image is 50% of Nike, but 50% of it belongs to the followers. Those who believe in “Just Do It.” philosophy. And that brand image, that philosophy is the core story behind Nike’s sales figure and its leadership in its market.

So find below some of the ideas to build your online identity, and followership.

Personal followership building campaigns

In terms of marketing yourself, the first thing you might want to invest into is building your personal followership over social media, and over your website ie. in form of mailing list subscribers, and via your blog or vlog.

Brands are running behind social media influencers to connect & influence the target audience, so why you can’t become an influencer yourself?

Try influencing a belief system instead of trying to sell your products in your photographs, videos or other form of content.

If you can influence people to get out of their laziness, ask more from themselves, and appear a better personality, then you must consider yourself an influencer. A celebrity.


Show away your curious side (inspirational, experimental designs, thoughts)

As I stated above that people follow you for inspiration, it’s imperative that they see your creative side as well as your curious side. You must not appear perfect all the time. The new generation of consumer is very smart in detecting fake.

So show them your experimental side, your failing side, your out of box ideas, your stupid ideas, your curious mind, your agility, your vulnerability. Because when people see you like real, they feel you, they feel your struggle, and find several commonalities with you. This will create a strong emotional bonding between you & your followers.

You’ll get your first set of brand advocated from these front line followers.


Showcase customer interactions, not just testimonials.

If I would be you I won’t be using the testimonials on my site because as a fashion influencer and as a designer, it won’t match my efforts. Instead I would love to showcase how I Interact with my customers while they come shopping.

Like videos, and stories of selective customers, and their experience with you, photographs of you people chatting, sharing laughing with you, and their overall shopping experience with you. Lively testimonials like a case study will be a far better form of content to share on social media, and over your website instead of plain vanilla testimonials.


Nothing is off record.

Yes. Nothing is off record when you are building your public image. So be very careful of what you share online, not alone over your branded properties, but anywhere else over Internet as well.

You need to manage your brand image well, and that you can do only by really being good at heart and at intent. You can’t just fake it.


Let us know if you need any help in building your online personal brand or social reputation. Would love to help.


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