Facebook’s Master Stroke with WhatsApp Business App.

Blog, Digital Marketing / Monday, January 29th, 2018

WhatsApp Business App has come in like a life saver for Facebook Page Owners who were forced to buy Facebook ads. Is it coincidence or a planned move? Are Facebook & WhatsApp ganging up together for something behind the scene?

Facebook has been crowded in recent past and one of the major challenge Zuckerberg’s team had, was how to keep people interested, and not moving to other platforms. Facebook’s DNA was built around the content from friends & family to share pictures & information with each other.

Over time it was obvious for them to monetize the platform, which actually turned bad for them, unlike Google ads. Why?

Why Facebook & Google Ads Are Not Same?

People go Google with a seeking intensions. Seeking free information, seeking product information, seeking reviews, and sometime seeking to buy. The buying intension is where the Google Adwords fits in, but it still doesn’t bother plain “Seekers”.

On the other hand, people go Facebook for relaxing. To use their leisure time to connect with friend & family, to learn about new events in their life, to find inspirations from like minded people. They go Facebook for fun, and not seeking something. And thus Facebook ads became hurdles over time.

Imagine you’re wandering in a book shop seeking a particular book, and a sales agent appear recommending some other books in the same genre or around the same topic. You would like to consider it even if you choose not to buy it. You won’t be bothered, because you are already there with a seeking mind. (That’s Google Advertising)

Now, Imagine you’re wandering near a beach with your family and a book seller appears, and… OK, I believe you got it. (That’s Facebook Advertising)

And after initial monetizing stunt Facebook was intelligent enough to catch the problem, and wanted to separate both experiences. The answer came in form of WhatsApp Business App.

Creating Need.

Facebook, in trenches, dropped their organic reach leaving the Facebook Page owners completely helpless. The Facebook page, they invested huge amount of money to build, was of no use any longer. So Facebook was a turn off now, an small businesses were waiting for some sort of rescue.

Facebook was sure that they wanted to separate Facebook Pages from Facebook but don’t want to turn them off totally to go to competitors.

The Avatar of WhatsApp Business App

And suddenly, here come the WhatsApp Business app from WhatsApp, which was previously acquired by Facebook for $19 Billion.

With WhatsApp Business App you can create your Business Page (just like Facebook Page), post & share your content (just like Facebook Page), resolve your customer queries (just like Facebook Page), and keep promoting your products to your audience for FREE (just like Facebook Page). Bingo!

You Won! Facebook Won! Even WhatsApp Won too!

So What Facebook achieved finally is, they shifted Facebook page owners from Facebook consumer’s feed, but still keeping the page owners under control on one of its own property ie. WhatsApp Business App, and letting them communicate with their subscribers for FREE.

The purpose, with a separate Business App from regular WhatsApp messenger is to create an audience with “seeking” intensions, for page owners.

The Biggest Bother

Facebook should have announced this migration themselves, and could have given a tool to migrate the entire data of Facebook Page, including subscribers, to help page owners create a new WhatsApp Business Page easily.

And let’s not lose hope. I am hopeful that some such migration tool may be announced by WhatsApp itself. IMHO, that will be a real good of this entire episode. At least the money Facebook page owner have invested in building their Facebook properties won’t go waste.

Truly it’s a huge sum of money invested collectively to build Likes, Content, Graphics etc., and Facebook should show some care.

Will WhatsApp Business Will Show Ads?

I found some of digital expert anticipating that we may see WhatsApp Business App launching ads placements as well.

I believe we shouldn’t expect it in near future. Why because Facebook don’t want to under value its own advertising platform, and want businesses & page owners to keep buying Facebook ads. It is just that Facebook doesn’t want page owners to use Facebook for free, and crowd the consumer’s organic feed.

Facebook & WhatsApp are playing “Good Cop, Bad Cop” with page owners you see.

What Else?

One thing that I also see happening is, WhatsApp Business Page’s will suck audience from other social platforms as well, growing Facebook’s audience size considerably. Ask, How?

I check Twitter for A type of content, Pinterest for B type content, Facebook for C type of content, and Google+ for D type of content. So have to open 4 different windows every time to learn ABCD.

If all these content publishers start offering me content via WhatsApp Business Page, I will subscribe all, and will stop wandering on native platforms individually. Hypothetically it quite possible, though it may not happen overnight.


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