A Gym Trainer, Who Was Far More Useful For My Startup Than a VC.

Blog, Startups / Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Joining the gym was one of the best decision of my life, ever. Specially it came to my life as stress buster. My continuous attendance at gym gave me chances to speak to my trainer more frequently, and it appeared that apart from weight trainer, he was also a highly influential motivator as well. Few of my learnings by our several discussions, I am listing below.

Pain Is Temporary.

If its paining, you’re growing up. Because pain increases the bandwidth of human tolerance level.

No Hardwork. No Muscles.

Building muscles takes hard work. Extremely hard work. And, no shortcuts or smart work, really ever worked. Neither in gym nor in business.

Persistence Require Daily Success.

Three more reps.. yeah! .. One more set… were the types of small goals in gym for us. And achieving them was a great success for the day. And they mattered, very much.

Every individual has a motivation level and it goes up & down depending on the flow of adrenaline. But to streamline it, you should have a bite of success everyday, through succeeding at your daily small goals. They will keep driving you ahead.

You Can Never Build It Reactively.

Muscles can’t be built on-order. You need to set your mind, plan ahead, set goals, disciplined attendance and willingness to appear everyday on job, affirmed about results.

Eco-System Does Matter.

He said, when you are exercising at home you may be doing by one or two motivations, however when you are in gym, motivations flows from all directions. You see others doing harder, you try beating them, matching them, and sometime to impress her as well 😉

It is the impact of eco-system that you feel better every time you are leaving gym for the day and thanking yourself, that you chose to come, today.

These learnings, strengthened my belief that entrepreneurship is not only about starting a business. Entrepreneurship is a type of approach towards problems & challenges, and sustainability is a deed, not a demand.

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