Why Instagrammers are far better at branding than many brands?

Blog, Digital Marketing / Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

How building a philosophy followership is a better branding approach than occasional campaigning in consumer segments. It pays to destroy the known and reinvent the new branding philosophies.


The floating philosophies of branding & advertising throughout various media stories miss to discuss one important factor in detail ie. The length of impact survival.

Festivities are most crowded times of year when you can see most of the brands pushing in their sales offers, discounts and loots. With new media, brands even went a step ahead by creating sentimental short videos that that actually boosts the emotional reaction for that moment.

But what happen when the next festival kicks in? Are you bound to create another video to reignite the sentiments again, from scratch? Yes, you are.

And that’s the only way you keep pouring in money on occasional brandvertisements that does nothing better than some press coverage, and some sales boost.

It looks cool. I agree. And that’s why we marketers have created mother’s day, father’s day, friendship day and many other days.


What’s the purpose?

The purpose is to stay top of the mind of consumers, but why occasionally?

Here comes the hero’s and heroien’s of our story ie. The Instagrammers. The Influencers. People who are the reason why brands spotted influencer marketing channel.

If you aren’t aware of influencer marketing, it is like giving money to Amir Khan to do a good looking talk about your products on his Instagram or Facebook or any other channel there. This is supposed to sale products to his followers online.

This isn’t much different from what brands are doing from decades with celebrity endorsements. It is just less costly, until you really get serious about hiring Amir Khan.

And influencer marketing become so important and so successful in short span of time that it is like a must to have these days. It is like paying 1/10th to 10 less popular social celebrities than hiring one film star.

But beside the cost effectiveness, another factor of using Influencers is to build the consumer generated conversation around your topic, but what is the quality of that content? And are we sacrificing the quality of an emotional bonding with brand with a mere social post re-share?

Then I asked myself a question.


Why brand themselves cannot work the same strategy?

One reason is because the real essence of branding is always a fac. Face is the only human thing into the entire marketing collateral, and the more credible & authentic the face is, stronger will be the emotional connect, but not every brand may want to do poster a face.

But then there are success stories that we all are aware of and love as well.

Dove, my favorite example, stands for redefining the ‘beauty’, and how society sees a woman. And that’s the core philosophy Dove does in each of their TV commercial or social campaign.

There are various marketer’s defined segments of women who love or don’t love Dove, but those who are instinctually find a bonding with this brand, don’t follow a Soap. They follow a lead. They want society to see them differently, evaluate them differently, talk to them differently, and behave differently.

In this case Dove become an influencer itself. For marketers, a super influencer.

And when women talk to other women in their circle, share their stories with Dove, and recommend, it is the quality user generated content. And it happens omni-line (offline, online).

Apple is another wonderful example.

Amir Khan is another example. He’s redefining the meaning of versatility and versatile cinematic content.

And if you say this cannot be done in hardcore industries, tell me why we remember Henry Ford? Because he used to sell Ford Cars?

If Airtel can do it, every industry can do it. We just need to think creatively.

If Bajaj Industries can pose ‘Pulsar’ as its face, every other industry can do it.

Tell me why you cannot do it, and I’ll write you back, how you can.

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