Now You Need 1 Year of Startup Experience to Apply for Jobs. Just Imagine!

Blog, Startups / Friday, April 5th, 2019

We cannot control the outcome of our Indian education system, but we can use fear to make our youth proactive. Imagine what a change corporate can do if they simply adopt this one hiring condition.


People in Indian startup echo system and corporate endlessly cry about the poor quality of Indian education system and the unemployable youth that come out of it every year in job market. But no one seems to suggest, or even better DO anything to better the conditions.

I just had a random idea.

What if startups, corporate and any business simply puts a condition in front of all applicants ie. You gotta have at least 1 year of experience building your own startup.

Entrepreneurship works you several ways. Not only it teaches you how to see new business opportunities out of the existing problems, it also builds your character.

It makes you humble, it makes you keep your ego in check, it clarifies your visioning capabilities, it shows your how to see any problematic situation from 10,000ft above to get a better picture.

It actually craft-out a problem solving person, out of a job begging guy.

Those who have experienced the thrill of entrepreneurship understand that it is really not only about making money, but how to solve a problem. How to attack a problem, and try to solve it like a earth-saving-warrior. You somehow just convince yourself, that you are the only one responsible to resolve that particular problem, and also that you can do it.

This self evolution actually helps you understand things from profit & loss perspective. This makes you go proactively find multiple options to bring out the best possible solution, and not just the one to get rid of it.

Your entire persona changes.

You all of the sudden becomes an asset for your society or country, and no more asking, but trying to give back.

Such people, even if they go get a job under someone else, will continue working as an entrepreneur.

They aren’t the babu’s and sr. manager’s who spend 1 hour at coffee, and another 2 hours in daily meeting, and stay late at night so that they can claim to come late on office next morning.

They spark.

They just try to help everyone in company. Every business becomes their business in their company. They can easily see why CEO is asking for what he is asking, and are more willing to help their CEO. They will try to do it in best possible manner, and not just in least possible manner.

In fact, the magnitude I am imagining this at will drop the number of job applications, because…

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur.

Do you see this too?

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