3 Biggest Misleads of Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy, That Clients Never Come To Know.

Blog, Digital Marketing / Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

If yours is a real estate business, and you want to jump into marketing your business digitally, ask yourself; Digital Advertising or Digital Marketing? What suits your need better? What will bring in meaningful ROI?

Countless times I have mentioned, that success or failure of your project gets decided at your planning stage itself. Hiring a digital marketing agency for real estate in India, comes second.

1. Strategic Misleads in Digital Marketing for Real Estate

By far the biggest strategic mislead that I have come to know about, by talking to a lot of real estate clients is, that they weren’t ever told about the different between digital advertising v/s digital marketing., and by default were offered digital marketing methods like SEO, Blogging, Social Media services.

Like traditional advertising, digital advertising for real estate clients is just that ie. Advertising real estate digitally. Be it on Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Real Estate Classified portals like MagicBricks.com, 99Acres.com, or, Housing.com. There are other ways too.

On other hand, digital marketing for real estate is like traditional marketing, which is always a less noisy, long term oriented, continuous stream of efforts that establishes your brand recognition over long period of time to juice up in future.

So it’s crucial to decide your priority for next 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

Suppose you have your projects ready to be occupied, and you are chasing buyer commitments. And in such case if you are doing “where to find best golgappas in your city” kinda blog posts or social media post, you’re wasting your time & money both.

It will be a wrong use of right strategy at a wrong time. Complete mismatch. Complete blunder. And come on don’t give me that classic shit of “Sir, isme to time lagta hi hai (sir, it is suppose takes time.)

It should take time when client is looking for long term strategy, besides meeting his current goals.

2. Only Social, No Media – Real Estate Social Media Marketing

The favorite mislead of all innocent clients who go ahead hiring real estate digital marketing agencies promising to create wonders on social media.

The classic start ie. – Let’s start posting various classic photographs of iconic building on earth to attract eyeballs? … Ok, that’s sounds exciting, but what will we achieve with that? … Likes, Sir, Likes…

Aisi ki tesi tumhari Likes ki. (To hell with your ‘Likes’)

If your marketing medium isn’t helping you spread your core marketing communication among your targeted audience groups, if it isn’t being used to establish your core brand story; rethink it.

Why the bloody hell you want to spend money entertaining people? A ‘Like’ now a days, from no angle, looks like a potential intention, going toward your sales funnel. Not today, not in 3 months, not in 6-12 months, not ever.

‘Likes’, surely makes your ‘Page’  looks popular but that’s it. It just does that ie. Make your page look popular.

The problem multiplies even further when the social media team is working stand alone with no sync with Ad campaigning teams or the core ROI plan.

The medium is right, but social media should be used to create brand touch points, and that’s where real estate digital marketing agency can go wrong, and clients will keep enjoying ‘Likes’.

See, it’s no one’s fault. You never asked, they never told.

3.  Having a Basic Website with Landing Page is Enough?

If you think by setting up your ad campaign and an attached landing page with lead contact form you’re done with your website, you are being misled.

90% of real estate websites don’t serve their purpose.

They still play no helping role in research phase of a potential customer, while the best use of your website would be to help your customers get all their basic answers, before they make up their mind to take the talks with you at advance level.

Try to be your own customer. Try to see it from their perspective. Why should someone give you their contact details to know the basics of your offerings, when they haven’t zeroed yet on buying from you?

It could really help you win over competition if your website could help potential customers learn more about your project, comparison with other similar projects, why yours is a better deal?, and how they have save max on this deal? Be their advisor publicly, and you will start getting far qualified leads from your website.

In short, your website should answer all the primary questions, and should act as a sales agent to advance your potential customers into sales funnel.

Virtual walkthrough, blogger reviews of your properties (aka influencer marketing), who should buy this property kinda FAQ, locality details are some of the ways how you can build initial rapport with your real estate clients.


IMHO, real estate clients aren’t using the digital marketing medium optimally, and there is a huge potential how they can improve. No one way out of short term or long term will work best, it has to be a combination of both kinda real estate digital marketing strategy that can bring your meaningful ROI.

And truly as a real estate business, you need a strategy, not a tutorial. You need to learn how to use digital marketing, not how to do digital marketing.

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