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Blog, Digital Marketing / Thursday, April 25th, 2019

A large number of Physital businesses have no closing strategy aligned with their digital marketing strategy. And this is one of the reason behind digital marketing isn’t working for your business. Instead of expecting a miracle, better you setup a sales team.


“Oh actually we received a decent amount of leads, but the no one did order. Let’s stop it for now, or try something else.” Have you ever said that?

And, did you even try to close them?

The ground reality is that in this era of digital marketing we are actually mixing the roles of marketing & sales teams. We are actually expecting our marketing teams to convert like sales teams.

While this may be true, and a good strategy to some app based startups, it may fall very badly for startups with digital communication but physical delivery, AKA Physital Model.

And Physital marketing is where a fairly large number of small businesses or first time digital advertiser face the turn off.

A significantly large number of the digitally advertising small businesses & SME’s, surprisingly forget to talk about sales team while they do the digital marketing mathematics.

And unsurprisingly, a higher number of these businesses can be seen complaining that digital marketing isn’t working for them or takes too much time to appear significant.

Marketing surely takes time, whether digital or physital or totally physical.

Marketing was never quick. I’ll welcome anyone who can prove it the other way?

You cannot compare a fitness chain’s marketing strategy with that of Uber’s & Zamato’s. They are into 2 totally different business models.

So beside the marketing team, it is crucial for founders & business owners as well to understand this difference while planning the digital moves.

Do you too expect instant results in digital marketing?

Like Magic??

Let me hint you. The real magic happens with a sales team in place.

See few of the suggestions below that you can apply today to get better results from your digital efforts.


1. Fill the Gap between Lead v/s Conversion

No, I am not talking about conversion funnel optimization.

Imagine you are a fashion store, which recently did setup the ecommerce website. Your entire team is feeling quite enthusiastic about it, and you hired a digital marketing agency to handle your website marketing. The traffic starts following in, and people seem like engaging with your product designs, and dresses. And you’re feeling like you’re a new sensation in town.

Slowly you start realizing that even though people are checking your products on website, they aren’t buying.

So you start pouring in more money, and using the buzz words like retargeting ad campaigns, YouTube video campaigns, and oh let’s figure out new Facebook audiences & targeting, new Facebook ad formats and blah blah blah..

But what about the sales part of it?

If you watch it closely, this happens in physical stores as well. People come and browse several products across various categories on offer in store, and move on without purchasing. So usually stores deploy sales staff there to interact with visitors and try to close the sales. And that’s the way maximum sales happen in store. You don’t want to leave things on chance, but you want to chance it anyway.

Engaging or Talking is the first conversion, and first sign of affinity. The first sign of a potential sell. But how will you do that? …


2. Deploy Human Interactions.

You might have heard of live chats. Now a day AI boats are taking the role, but the truth is people know it that they are talking to an AI boat. Consumers are smarter than advertisers. And advertisers choose to overlook this fact.

Live chat feature, Call back options, or Live video stream over your website, are few of the feature that puts your sale team in role. That gives your sales team the power to convert. Have you heard of There sales team on live chat was one of the top reason behind conversion & sales.

You may even want to collect the email address of visitors in exchange of some coupon or freebies as soon as they land on website, and then allow your sales team to reach them over email, instead of only depending upon automatic email triggers.

And it is feasible for you, since you aren’t operating at scale of Amazon or Flipkart. So don’t raise your eyebrows.

People buy people, and not the products, and certainly not the boats.


3. Close in person.

What’s wrong in trying to close in person whether over email, or over live chat, or over video call, or over phone, or in physical at your office or at client’s location. Depending upon your average ticket size, you may want to design an in person closing strategy.

If you are a fitness consultant, why you shouldn’t give a call yourself to your potential clients to close them over phone, instead of waiting for them to close themselves over website? That never happens.

For Physital businesses closing in person goes really easy.

For all the Physital businesses it’s really important to understand that not everything which is applicable to ecommerce startups will work for you as well.

Let me rephrase it. It won’t be an overstatement if I say that a large number of Physital businesses have no closing strategy aligned with their digital marketing strategy.

Always have a balanced and well thought approach to your closing strategy.

Marketing & Sales fundamentally will never change, because for every closer you need a human.

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