How is social media marketing important for small businesses? (Quora Answer)

Blog, Digital Marketing / Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Quora Answer:


Think social media marketing as a tool to build PR ie. public reputation for a small business. You can use it to showcase testimonials of your current customers.

You can show your helping side of the business personality by sharing tips on how to best use your products, this will uplift your reputation that you don’t end up by just selling the product, and forget thereafter.

Customers want to buy from a store where everyone looks happy, respecting, and loving the work they do in store. Social media is your chance to show your internal culture to customers, to attract them.

Social media, where your customer is connected to several of his friends & family whom you haven’t reached yet, but want to. So if you engage your customers with you on social media, and they post some testimonials or good reviews about your business, or recommend your business, then several of their friends will see that too. And this will bring you a lot of words of mouth, without any cost at all. who hates free marketing?

Similarly, this multiplying effect can also be beneficial to announce your new product launches. If your current customers like your products, or share it on their page, several of their friends will see your products too. Free marketing again.

So if you see closely, the real meaning of social media is reaching the social network of your existing customers, socially. but we do totally opposite and start bombarding our promotions, offers to people we don’t even know, and then we fail. and we say social media doesn’t work.

Disclaimer: I do represent a social media marketing agency.

So the crux of this entire para above is that social media won’t work on immediate notice. It isn’t Google Ads. It is like SEO, it takes times, so start early, and be consistent.

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