Behavior is Branding

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How staying closer to your inner self can actually help you build a more significant and powerful personal brand. In the year 2010, I was running an e-commerce business from India, and we were selling Indian ethnic fashion to Indians living abroad. We were naïve to e-commerce and were learning & growing at the same […]

November 22, 2018

4 P’s of Digital Marketing

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If you, same as me, belong to the same category of digital startup CEO’s who don’t enjoy the luxury of unfair competitive advantages that VC money bring in, then this piece below is for you. Indian startup culture is somewhat funny. A couple of entrepreneurs get funds and all others clap like a win. No […]

May 10, 2016

Reinventing Or, Boring? How Does Your Brand Sound Online?

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Digital Marketing is getting boring. Very boring. All that SEO, PPC, and Social media postings with an almost belief that no one is going to notice, and if fortunately we get it Shared… Voila! Why? Is it because overusing the online platform(s) and neglecting need of re-innovating inside-the-box or, lack of envisioning from outside-the-box to gain fresh perspective? […]

September 4, 2015