How to Use WhatsApp Business Effectively – 5 Tips.

Blog, Digital Marketing / Saturday, January 27th, 2018

WhatsApp business is a great tool for all the small businesses, closed communities, moderated groups to actually function like a Facebook page, and will also be seen as an alternative to Facebook page due to its 100% organic reach to acquired audience.

You’ll find ten’s of blog posts reviewing the various features of WhatsApp Business app, but that’s not what we do here. You are here because you want to see thinks beyond features. You want to read between the lines. You want to learn where is the real meat?

And that’s why let’s not waste time anymore, and jump on 5 different ways you can actually utilize WhatsApp Business app for your small business, store or ecommerce store; like a pro.

1.      Fight Facebook Page’s ZERO Organic Reach

Facebook, acted devil for businesses by dropping the organic content reach to those who followed your page. Matter of fact is that today you can’t even get 0.5% engagement on your Facebook post organically, and are forced to use paid ads ie. Boost the post feature, to reach those people who gave you permission, and wanted to receive your content. Man! you weren’t even spamming.

Anyway, move on.

Ask your subscribers to join you on your WhatsApp Business. That will be your closed community, where your each & every content post will reach out to your each & every subscriber, 100% of times. And there is a reason why Facebook is allowing this. See my post Facebook’s Mater Stroke with WhatsApp Business App to understand this part.

2.     Less damage to social media

A big relief to all small business & store owners. Try to reach out to your recent customers and collect their feedback 1-on-1 via WhatsApp Business. It’ll help you in two ways:

A.     They’ll feel you care, and took time to reach out in a personalized way, instead of standard emails.

B.     It is a controlled environment to receive criticism & negative customer feedbacks, in comparison of social media. So you’re bit more protected against online brand damage.


3.     Alternative for newsletters

You’re not alone worrying about low email open rates. Use WhatsApp Business to broadcast your daily/weekly or monthly newsletter content. Ideally you may want to send a link to your detailed online newsletter copy with an image and introductory paragraph to arouse their interest, instead of copying & pasting entire newsletter content in a whatsapp message.

Go creative with your content design here. You’ll find a way better open rate, and even greater click rate.

I shall be doing another blog post on content designing content posts for WhatsApp Business.

4.     Ordering/Order updates

I was ‘WOWed’ when I first received my BookMyShow ticket details on WhatsApp, but I wasn’t sure that WhatsApp Business was being tested. And from my personal experience I can tell you it feels wonderful to receive my order details on WhatsApp, since it’s quite handy.

Yes, over the period of time it will get crowded, but again I am sure people will be able to choose who they want to receive messages from.

On the front of accepting the orders, so I guess I need not to give advices to my “Jugaadu” Indian small business owners, since they were already using the standard WhatsApp to accept new orders. Just keep doing that in a bit more formal way with Business app.

5.     Less is more.

One most important advice if I want to give you, than it will be this. Don’t look like spamming.

WhatsApp Business is a wonderful tool to reach closest of your audience’s attention, but if you annoyed them you’ll be finished. So be very selective what you want to send out, especially when the conversation hasn’t been initiated by customer.


I am more than sure that WhatsApp Business app launch has more in there for us to read, and I have addressed that in my blog post Facebook’s Master Stroke with WhatsApp Business App, meanwhile enjoy the new marketing tool.

Also if you find any other innovative way to use WAB , share with me here in comment box below.

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