Sound is The New Content

Blog, Digital Marketing / Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Audio-Visual content are next obvious content formats that are going to rule the internet like textual content ruled it last 20 years.

(Originally Guest Authored for BW Business World by Gaurav Pandey)


If you are like me you find it easier to “Ok Google”. Sometime to search something on the map, and some time to just set a new reminder or an event. The increased consumption of voice recognition technologies to reduce the human effort, and to deliver the digital content, this is only going evolve further with time.

The next generation of AI bots will not ask you for keyboard input but for mic inputs.

In fact, a lot has already been done to ensure initial success.

YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine is owned by Google, for a reason. Google envisioned this way ahead of its time that human will move from text to visuals in future, since listening & watching takes consume much lesser time than reading.

And the rules of the game are now changing.

Some human traits will never change. Like we are lazy, we are frugal, and want to do less. We just want to save time and move quickly from things to things, even if we don’t do anything productive with those saved hours.

And, I fundamentally believe that businesses which are very well aligned with these deep rooted human behaviours, find better success minting money. While on other hand, businesses that are more inspirational & experimenting in their product offerings are the ones that enjoy the leadership among peers.

For example, Xiaomi which produces the Mi-Smartphones, is arguably the most successful mobile brand in India in recent times. A large chunk of their success come due to their lower price points, and what they offer for that particular price point.

Samsung on the other hand, is absolutely after the market leadership position in India. With its new offerings & enhanced capabilities in Smartphone segment, and Curved TVs, and now even TV Broadcast Quality Filming Camera in Samsung Smartphones, they are surely chasing to be seen as an inspirational brand.

On the third front, Apple has thoroughly worked and enjoyed the global market leadership in category, and is clearly an inspirational brand.

But Google, has always kept itself very well aligned with those unchanging deep rooted human traits ie. Laziness, free seekers, and time savers.

Google has been constantly giving up things for FREE. It has constantly introduced new features, softwares, and tools that are simple, easy to learn and quick in getting things done. Being dead simple and easy is at the core of Google.  And so they spend more time predicting the future.

And Voice is the new future, they are banking upon. Voice is the new searchable content, that Google want you to start producing.

With Google assistant’s capabilities of calling like a real human, to a real human, and setting up an appointment again like a real human; it is clear what’s cooking at Google, and where sooner than later Google will ask us to focus.


Who’s us here? The webmasters, website owners, and the SEO teams.

It is not unimaginable, that very soon we’ll find ourselves in a sci-fi world, where we’ll be flying cars, talking to bots, and even asking them to show us the path.

Voice is the next big thing in digital. The sooner you start working for it, the better. And miss the bus on your own risk.
Do you remember the podcasts? We all have seen the rise & fall of podcasts.

The podcast concept failed at first because the digital world was reading blogs. It was a big product-&-market mismatch. But podcasts were actually producing a great quality of searchable voice content; we just ignored it too harshly.

Now podcast trend will rise again. Bloggers & website owners will use it to produce searchable voice content for their audiences, May be the time has come. The world is now listening “the content”.

Content was the king and will be the king but in a different format.

Sound is the next content. And, possibilities are endless.

Soon we’ll be listening articles (shall I say Podicals?), listening books, talking to Google like a friend helping us find the street navigation, listening cricket matches online, ordering groceries speaking to an AI bot, and swiping our credit cards by voice commands, and even requesting the car to park herself.

Emailing marketing will become Voicemail marketing, and Voicemail inbox will become the new inbox. Search Engine Optimization will become the Voice Search Optimization. Digital marketing teams, and agencies like ours, should start preparation for a mass voice content demand.

The Google will become the Voice First Search Engine, and will rule the next wave of internet contenting.

Listening is advantageous over reading or watching, because it save our attention inventory, and you can do multiple things simultaneously while listening something.

One of the biggest challenge this Voice-First future has is to adapt the various frequencies, and unclarities of human speech, especially for regions where English is not the first language.

Another challenge is for the already attention deprived humans, to balance our dependency on bots & devices, and prevent any human capability subdue.


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