WhatsApp Ads, A Threat To Your Privacy?

Blog, Digital Marketing / Friday, October 12th, 2018

With carefully planned placements WhatsApp ads are actually good for everyone.

Whatsapp Ads might be the new reality very soon, and a lot of people are expressing their concerns over the whatsapp advertisement privacy issues, since the popular one-to-one messaging app is said to have the best end-to-end encryption to ensure that two people messaging each other can see, and not anyone else.

I don’t understand which privacy we are talking about, beside teenager sexting each other, politicians spreading fake news, and govt. employee in their work time sharing funny dog videos?

Are we talking anything else than this?

Are we really talking about some future disaster which could be larger than what Google is already doing to us via Gmail Advertisements? Google has been reading our emails, reading our browsing history, including the banking websites from years, and all we are doing is trusting Google that it might not having reading our keystrokes on banking websites.

On the other hand, Whatsapp advertising was a desired move not only by Facebook but even by lots of small businesses who wanted to utilize this platform to get local visibility for their locally placed businesses, stores & outlets.

In fact, Whatsapp advertising will help local businesses get better chances to get better visibility with lower competitive costs on local level. For eg. – the algorithm may priorities a local advertiser’s ads over big players if his ads are better performing and more suitable to that particular local area.

There are a couple of Whatsapp ad placements I could imagine.

WhatsApp Ads Tab

Similar to Whatsapp status which is exactly the replica of Facebook stories, we can find a “Deals around you” tab that could showcase all the targeted ads. This is similar to what Gmail has also practiced with a separate social and promotion tabs.

Opt-in Local Classifieds

Like I may choose that I want to see local restaurant ads or local shopping deals in New Delhi. And I could have an option to opt-in or out on choice.

Whatsapp Group Feed Ads

There are several Whatsapp groups that people join by interest. These groups can be a real place to showcase the feed ads. Like they can show the rotating ads on the status of group chat.

Home Feed Ads

No-brainer. Like Facebook, like Whatsapp. At the bottom of all of your active chats, there could be a less bugging ad placement.


Overall I believe Whatsapp will actually relive users from the spam messages that we still receive, and end to end encryption cannot help us there. So it’s better to legalize  it by giving an option to businesses to buy a ad placements.

But I am quite firm that Whatsapp ads will make a big difference only if the locally placed advertisers will be prioritized.

And in fact, the bigger concern that Whatsapp, Facebook and we all users are require to deal with on Whatsapp isn’t the privacy, but controlling the fake news.


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