Whẙdeas™ Consulting

Whẙdeas is a pure play branding consulting arm of Gaurav Pandey Media Company, and works primarily with traditional family run businesses (b2b, b2c both) to transform their brand story & marketing communication for the new digital first world, where customer is making the buying decisions online.


Who is Whẙdeas for?

  • Family run businesses & consumer brands,
  • Startups in product design stage,
  • Businesses looking for rebranding & repositioning their story,
  • Rising Celebrities, Politicians, Business tycoons, and personal branding clients.


What does Whẙdeas do?

Finding the right jungle to cut is the 20% of your entire sweat & monitory efforts that generates 80% results if done right.

We help you find the right jungle to cut, with help of new digital technologies and mediums. Right from market research, to designing your product for best market fit, to design optimum customer experience, to design right competitive positioning, and handholding till the right execution of the strategy. We make sure it delivers the results we aim together.

Which is why it is best time to engaged Whẙdeas when you are still in product designing or relaunch planning phase.



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